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These are not my photos, but from actual customers that have purchased from Simple phone camera are being used. These are not photo-shopped or edited.

Not a noxious or invasive plant.
100% safe for fish.
No Chemicals used that can be harmful to your aquarium.
Family: Cyperaceae
Genus: Eleocharis
, parvula

pH range:  6.5-7.5 pH

Temp: 70-85°F
Co2: CO2 is recommend
Lighting Low: Long period of low light or no light will cause the grass to grow long.

Lighting High: Faster growth. Grass stay very small.

Propagation: Runners (roots) from the mother plants will multiply and form a rich green carpet. Place 3-6 inches from each other.
Growth: Grows up to 1-4 inches tall.
Maintenance: Medium. Rare to no trimming needed. For faster growth, trim regularly.


In Conclusion

This plant is at a medium grow level. Medium level usual requires that your tank need to make some minor adjustment to accommodate for the dwarf hairgrass. The temperature is a little bit warmer. In some cases liquid CO2 and liquid fertilizer is required. However, these are very friendly to fish. I always find my guppies resting inside the grass. In the right environment, this plant will multiply and create very beautiful carpet.

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