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The number one problem with live carpet is, overtime it's easily uprooted. However these are grown hydroponically. The root system is much stronger. Therefore fish can graze without uprooting or damaging the plant. Just like in there natural environment.

Not a noxious or invasive plant.
100% safe for fish.
No Chemicals used that can be harmful to your aquarium. Not a sponge.
4x6in carpet each piece. "About the same size as 4-5 potted dwarf baby tears."
Place together for larger carpet.
Family: Scrophulariaceae
Genus: Hemianthus
Strain:Glossostigma "Not Cuba"

pH range:  5.8 - 7.2

Temp: 20 - 26 °C (68 - 78.8°F)
Co2: Not needed. Faster growth, add co2.
Lighting Low: Long period of low light or no light will cause the leaves and stem to grow longer

Lighting High: Faster growth. Leaves and stem stay very small.

Propagation: Runners (roots) from the mother plant multiplying and forming a rich green carpet
Growth: Crawls and only grows up to 1-2 inches tall. Sometimes it will try to crawl up wood or small objects.
Maintenance: Low. Rare to no trimming needed. For faster growth, trim regularly. No need to add chemicals. This plant will adjust to your tank environment.


In Conclusion

These plants truly bring color and vibrancy to your tank for a more natural look. The best part is that they're easy maintenance. No co2 needed and no special additives are required. Room temperature and tap water will make these plants even easier to maintain. However lighting plays an important role on growth. Very low lighting will cause the plant to reach and grow towards the light. Therefore the leaves will start to grow longer and the stem will also grow longer. Note that the plants are not dying, but adjusting to their environment. Also to note, using a suction or vacuum to clean your tank is o.k. The roots are strong and anchored to the substrate firmly.

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