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Large driftwood


Aquarium Driftwood "cholla wood"with live aquarium baby tears.

Baby treats are specially grown on the driftwood. The roots are firmly anchor and will not be easily uprooted. Shrimp, and large fish can graze on the driftwood without uprooting the baby tears.

Driftwood has been howled out for maximum hiding space. This is a great home for fish that are shy. Shrimp love to eat the driftwood and also use it for shelter. Shrimps will eat the roots and roots will continue to grow. I always find shrimp grouped together seeking shelter, this is good for breeding shrimp.


No need to add rocks to weight it down. Small amount of concrete has been added to the bottom, so the driftwood won't float to the top or move in flowing water.


Our driftwood is %100 safe.
We boil our driftwood at 425 degrees for 30min.
Then we chemically sterilize by soak in peroxide for 1 day to kill any remaining virus and remove tannins.


We are located in Anaheim and pick up is available

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