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Bonsai tree with live aquarium plants.
Dwarf baby tears as carpet "bottom "
Christmas moss "top"
Will not float, no need to add weight.

No Co2 Needed

No Liquid Fertilizer Neede

Comes with

1. Bonsai Tree Driftwood

2. Dwarf Baby Tears

3. Christmas Moss

Aquarium Driftwood Bonsai Tree with live aquarium plants . Comes with live Baby Tears and Christmas Moss. "Bottom." Baby tears grown in special conditions so roots are anchored strong and secured. Unlike others, these baby tears can take a beating by larger fish. Fish can graze or even eat leaves like in there natural environment and not uproot the plant. As long as the roots remain, the plant will continue to grow new leaves and not die. "Top." Comes with Christmas Moss. Besides giving the complete look of a bonsai tree. Christmas Moss is a natural filter. Shrimp,  snails and fish go crazy for Christmas moss that is next to flowing water or a filter pump. The Christmas moss will catch small organism and uneaten food. I always find my cherry shrimps grazing on the bonsai tree.


In conclusion: this bonsai tree will bring your aquarium tank to the next level. I always have people asking me if its real because they can't believe it not plastic. It definitely brings a wow factor.

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