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Bonsai Tree

Driftwood Bonsai Tree with Live Plants. #004
Not plastic, 100% natural.

Length 13 inches
Height 12 inches
Width   6 inches

Bring your aquarium to the next level. This beautiful natural looking Bonsai Tree will definitely bring a "WOW" factor amongst your friends.

Comes with:

1. Top Branches:Brazilian Christmas moss.
Brazilian Christmas moss completes the natural bonsai tree. Its really looks like small leaves are growing from the branches.
Note: Brazilian Christmas moss is a natural filter. Catching uneaten food and microorganisms. Prefect for breeding shrimp.

2. Bottom: Japanese dwarf baby tears.
Japanese dwarf baby tear; carpeting and surrounding the trunk and roots.

3. Will not float because it is weighted down.

4. No snails or unwanted hitchhikers.

5. No fungus or algae.

6. 1-2 weeks. May or may not grow biofilm. Biofilm is 100% safe and natural development for all driftwood. Fish and shrimp can eat biofilm. Prefect for shrimp breeding. Over time, the biofilm will eventually go away or be eaten away.

Disclaimer: Even during shipping (3-5 days) with no lighting.We guarantee your plant will arrive healthy and very green. We accept all returns. Photos must be submitted within 3 days.

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