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These are not my photos, but from actual customers that have purchased from Simple phone camera are being used. These are not photo-shopped or edited.

The number one problem with live carpet is, overtime it's easily uprooted. However these are grown hydroponically. The root system is much stronger. Therefore fish can graze without uprooting or damaging the plant. Just like in there natural environment.

Not a noxious or invasive plant.
100% safe for fish.
No Chemicals used that can be harmful to your aquarium. Not a sponge.
4x6in carpet each piece. "About the same size as 4-5 potted dwarf baby tears."
Place together for larger carpet.
Genus: Hemianthus

pH range:  5.8 - 7.2

Temp: 20 - 26 °C (68 - 78.8°F)
Co2: Not needed. Faster growth, add co2.
Lighting Low: Long period of low light or no light will cause the leaves and stem to grow longer

Lighting High: Faster growth. Leaves and stem stay very small.

Propagation: Runners (roots) from the mother plant multiplying and forming a rich green carpet
Growth: Less than 1 inch tall. Stays low to the ground
Maintenance: Low. Rare to no trimming needed. For faster growth, trim regularly. No need to add chemicals. This plant will adjust to your tank environment.


In Conclusion

These are one of my favorite plants. Personally I choose these over Gloss Dwarf baby tears. The leaves are larger and look good from a distance. The plants are tough and can accommodate Loach, Cory, Catfish, Pleco and many more bottom feeder. The roots are anchor deep into the substrate, therefore it can take a beating by larger fish. Unlike Dwarf hair grass or Cuba Dwarf Baby Tears that usually die in a couple weeks because sellers didn't mention that those plants require allot of CO2 and fertilizer. These plants don't need CO2 or fertilizer, therefore maintenance is very low and you have beautiful rich colors.

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